What Exactly is Growth-Hacking?

There are a lot of buzz words going on in the startup industry about growth-hacking but as the 1st Growth-Hacking Agency in Portugal, we wanted to give you some insights into what growth hacking really means to us at Bravuz and more importantly, what it could mean for your startup.

Growth hacking is a discipline that has its roots in marketing but is a step above a traditional marketer because a growth-hacker’s measure of success in a startup is solely based on growth.

We trust and believe in the definition by Sean Ellis, founder of Growth Hackers, who coined the term “growth-hacker” in 2010,

“ A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.”

Following the natural progression of a startup, once there is a proven MVP, product-market fit and a scalable product has been established — it’s time to get as many users in front of your product/service.

During this stage, when startups are ready to scale it’s time to bring growth-hackers into the team. This is where creative strategizing takes places, different strategies need to quickly and efficiently be implemented and tested. Testing and analysis is crucial for growth-hackers because there needs to be tangible ways of measuring growth and impact.

During the growth stage of a startup, testing and measuring impact is one of the biggest challenges they face because it’s crucial to see which strategies are working and just how effectively. After all, there is inevitably competition that’s likely doing similar things and time is of the utmost essence.

The growth stage is one of the biggest weaknesses for startups and subsequently, this is where many startups fail because of this lack of understanding the importance of measuring impact.

At Bravuz, we believe that what identifies us as top notch growth-hackers is not only the thorough analysis of the industry’s landscape but implementing the latest tools in testing, analyzing and measuring the impact of campaigns and strategies that we plan and execute.

Our passion is helping the most inspiring entrepreneurs, materialize their ideas and grow their startup into a thriving business that contributes to our society on a global scale. Working together and acting bold — that’s what it means to Be Bravuz!

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