Hacking Web Summit: Advice for Optimizing Your Startup’s Time

Okay, so your startup got accepted into ALPHA or BETA at Web Summit.   Knowing the startups competition is fierce ,  this is really impressive!

For us at Bravuz, it’s a thrill that the giant tech conference is in our hometown Lisbon ❤ and our team has been attending Web Summit, both as exhibitors and attendees, for the past several years.

Over time, we’ve found that to make the most of your time at Web Summit you really need a strategic game-plan.

For starters, you probably already know that Web Summit, is an all-in-one place to; validate your product-market fit, find an investor, make partnerships, grow your team, get mentorship and the list goes on..

But inevitably, with the conference just around the corner and an attendance of 60,000 people, over 800 speakers, and over 500 exhibiting startups, you’re also thinking…


How do I allocate my time & resources at Web Summit?

For a founder, this is one of the biggest tasks you’re faced with on a daily basis and at Web Summit this is going to be no exception.

That’s why our team has collected following pieces of advice to help you make the most of it. Read on!

Tip #1 : Get Your Elevator Pitch Down!

The ALPHA & BETA Booths in Action (Photo from Web Summit’s Facebook)


During booth day, you’re going to be overwhelmed with the amount of people that will come to you. You will have minutes, if not seconds, to pitch your company and make a lasting impression. We suggest coming up with a short one-liner phrase that will clearly illustrate:

1. which industry you’re in

2. what problem you’re solving

3. how you’re solving it.

If the person seems interested, then you can provide more information. Always end your pitch with why you’re at Web Summit and what you’re there for.

Example: “We’re a blockchain app in the recruitment industry, through our job-platform we match job-seekers with employers using a referral reward. We’re looking for an amazing investor that gets us!”

Tip #2 : Use the Web Summit App to Organize Your Time


There is an overwhelming amount of content that gets presented at Web Summit. For ALPHA & BETA startups, you have the chance to register for mentor hours as well as to pitch and demo. If you get selected for any of these, it will be absolutely crucial to plan your schedule around them.

Here’s how we suggest you organize your schedule:

1. Schedule your booth day

2. Schedule your demo time, pitch or mentor hours

3. Schedule special event invites

4. Schedule the talks you want to see attend


Once you have your main activities set in schedule, then you can allocate time for learning. The conference is divided into industries. Some of these are SaaS Monster, Creatifff, and SportsTrade. These are all interest focused and will give you guidance as to what kind of speakers/topics you want to hear about.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Night Summit

In the end, serendipity will play a major factor in your Web Summit experience. Although by the end of an exhausting all-day conference, you might just want to get into your hotel bed and sleep — don’t!

Night Summit is where the most instantaneous and valuable connections will take place.


Night Summit includes a list of events that are open to all Web Summit attendees, but also there are private parties hosted by companies and organizations around town. Sometimes, companies will send you an invite by a private message on the Web Summit app so make sure you have it downloaded ahead of time and optimize your networking.


Well, there you have our team’s advice for truly making the most of your Web Summit experience.

Don’t forget that in the end, you’re meeting people. Real live people, not robots you’re trying to get something out of. Remember the golden rule of “give first” and treat people the way you would want to be.

Oh and also, show your love and support others!

About Us:

Bravuz is growth-hacking agency and a hub of opportunities for startups. We’re based in sunny Lisbon where we boost startups!

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